Lambda-Meßtechnik GmbH Dresden

Thermal Conductivity Test Tool
λ-Meter EP500e

Designed for Measurements of Thermal Conductivity from Thermal Insulation Materials and Construction Materials according to ISO 8302, EN 1946-2, EN 12664, EN 12667, EN 12939, ASTM C177, (DIN 52612)

The Thermal Conductivity Test Tool λ-Meter EP500e is a guarded hot plate apparatus for the measurement of absolute values of thermal conductivity, thermal resistance  resp. from U-values of thermal insulations, construction materials and other products and materials in accordance with ISO 8302, EN 12667, ASTM C177 with high measuring accuracy like requested by accredited test authorities and with short test times as required for worksown production control.

Details about λ-Meter EP500e

Free support<br>for the lifetime<br>of the device!
Free support
for the lifetime
of the device!

Your Partner for Innovative Thermal Conductivity Measuring Equipment!


best possible technical and commercial consulting fitted to the customer requirements and customer measurement jobs for optimisation of its products and production quality


comprehensive experiences in different measuring ranges and with international customers (and their product standards)

+ short measurement times with high precision
+ direct sales & service
+ lots of expedient gadgets for the daily measurement of insulation or construction materials

very quick, easy, comprehensible and free of charge technical (remote-)support

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Lambda-Meßtechnik GmbH Dresden
Lambda-Meßtechnik GmbH Dresden

Well-known companies use our devices für developments, researches and production control:

Lambda-Messtechnik GmbH Dresden

Our main business is the development and manufacture of tools for the determination of
thermal conductivity, primarily for thermal insulation materials and construction materials. .


. since 1993 .


Lambda-Meßtechnik GmbH Dresden
Lambda-Meßtechnik GmbH Dresden

The origins of Lambda-Meßtechnik GmbH as a company are essentially within the Technical University of Dresden. Its history goes back to GDR times,
when the University with a division for scientific instrument manufacture and research technology had to develop rare research technology
and apply research results across a wide scope.

This division succeeded in developing a functional measurement tool, based on an unsteady thermocouple process, which had been worked out by the Institute of Thermodynamics. It was developed it into a measuring instrument suitable for practical use. Consequently, the Lambda-Messtechnik GmbH Dresden was founded in 1993 in Dresden.